Recommendations on migrating from XSI to Blender?

Okay, I’m working on a team of indie game developers, and due to licensing costs and a soon-to-expire license, my modeler, who is great in XSI, is going to have to switch to Blender. I’m sure some people have made that same transition before – any good advice and recommendations on learning the new interface/workflow/etc? What resources helped you?

So far I’ve sent him to the “Getting Started” tutorials on the main Blender page to learn, but are there other good resources? I’ve checked through some of the tutorial threads but a lot of the stickied ones are broken links. Is it possible to set up Blender to use many of the same keyboard shortcuts he’ll already be used to?

if hes just modeling i don’t think it’d be too bad. Be sure to switch the right and left click buttons, and change the arc rotate mode to turntable instead of trackball. That should make him feel more at home. The blender manual (on and can be accessed via the help drop down in blender) is also a huge help. I used it to learn almost exclusively when I was switching from 3ds max to blender. It didn’t take me more than a month and a half to get just about up to speed in blender. Now I think it would be incredibly hard to go back to max for modeling as for me blender’s modeler is waaaaay faster.

Well, at the moment he’s doing modeling, UV mapping, rigging, and animation – basically the full 3D aspect of things. Animation, in the long run, is something that I’m concerned with in migration since XSI is particularly good in that regard. At the moment, though, rigging and animation are not huge issues because we have a lot of static geometry to work through before we need more character modeling and animation done, so he should have a fair amount of practice with the system by then.

Thanks very much for your suggestions, I’m sure he’ll find that very helpful.