Recommended Compositor?

I was using Photoshop CS6 awhile ago and stopped using it, other than that It’s hard with Blender’s limitations for loading & compositing images. I would use Affinity software but still costs, is there anything else prefereably free I can use like Photoshop ?

Affinity Photo (all of their products) is on sale for 50% + they got offer 90 days to trial. I highly doubt that there is any better solution for given price. If 25$ is not affordable then I don’t know what is.

But if you really wanna go free way then there is Gimp and Krita. There are some serious limitations thou but well it is free.

Do they continue with free upgrades ?

Yes they do, I own Affinity Photo for a year and a half and all updates since then have been free. It is just fine for me. Go and try it for free and you will see for yourself if it suits you. That 50% sale is for like a month if I am not mistaken.

  • If you are familiar with PS then transition will be buttersmooth for you like a day at max. It also can read and save PSD for a given money it is a miracle (almost like a Blender… :slight_smile: )

Ok, thanks.

Krita, Gimp. Fusion is a really good compoting app.

Isn’t Fusion for Video ?

Can I do Z depth ?

Fusion is like Nuke, so yes you can use it for videos or images.

You can import 3d objects, though I do not remember if the depth module is part of the free version or not.

You can use natron also.

Looks interesting, thanks.