Recommended Computer Specs?


Hi There,

I unconventionally use blender for concept rendering at an Environmental Design firm. Using blender is something new to them but they have been really enjoying the quality of renderings that come from Cycles. However, I am currently stuck using a 2013 Mac Pro and I have been asked to give a recommendation for a new computer.

Since money is not so much of a concern, what specs should I recommend to my company? The issue is I have to stick with Dell since they have an account with them.

I’ve been battling between recommending a Threadripper PC with a 1080ti/2080ti. Or a PC with a i9-9900k with the same GPU for better active performance. These two options I know should be pretty good but usually these specs come in gaming PCs, which is something I want to avoid getting.

Are there any workstation PCs that perform well with blender?


(James) #2

Since you have to stick with Dell I would probably start with this which currently has £1,500 knocked off it… add dual GPUs and maybe up the processor a speed a bit.

(birdnamnam) #3

It’s a Dell. You don’t have to tell them it’s an Alienware… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for your repsonse! Not too sure how quadro cards / workstation cards work with Blender. Have you tried? Even though I said money isn’t much a concern, I do have worries that these components have less Blender performance than that of consumer components that cost significantly less.


Ahaha, yea I was looking at this computer. Its going to be weird to commend this…Thanks for your recommendation!

(birdnamnam) #6

Just a comment. There is no such thing as a “gaming” or a “professional” computer. Hardware is occasionally dressed with various names for commercial reasons. The Alienware I suggested has a catchy name for enthusiasts, but, as you said, its hardware would be much better in Blender workflows than a “professional” Dell workstation.

Of course, if there was another way to buy this rig, you could be more selective and picky with parts, and would definitely shave off some money from this Dell. Since money isn’t an issue, you could add more “next business day” warranty years, and also combine this Alienware with 2 good Dell monitors, like the new Dell U2719D.

(James) #7

It depends what your doing. The bloke who does the CG Cookie videos uses dual Radeon WX7100, so think those work out pretty good but you would using OpenCL with those rather then Cuda.

Quadro cards are optimised more for things like cad / solidworks and really just an excuse to add a few hundred to the price tag.

I would call dell up and see if they switch the GPU over to Geforce cards. Surprised they aint on the list.

Unless Cuda is important to you, I would probably go for a couple of Vega 64 cards over the 1080s