recommended hardsurface tutorials to learn.....

I have been working on my detail in modeling but. I seem to over think things way to easily. I would like to learn more about modeling car chassis and such. here is 2 images I found online of what I am talking about.

I cant seem to find any reference…well blueprints of this type of car frames/chassi

I figured to use edge modeling with vertices to get the shape and do inset and extrude and I know depending on how far my edge loops to get the rubber look and more close edge loops to get the metal look but, I cant find good references of these things on what they actually look like.


If you want to model a specific car or other object, you’ll have to gather as many reference images as you can find, and then go by what you see. It’s not easy to get the actual blueprints for a specific model of a vehicle.

If you just want to get better at modelling, then just find something advanced enough to challenge your skills, and have at it!

You won’t ever find tutorials that delve into anything so complex as an entire vehicle done to factory specs. Tutorials will always be basic lessons in how to do something, and nothing better.

thanks, right now I am using blendswap and just trying to model that model to get experience first but, I didnt think blueprints would be that hard. I though there was like CAD files and solidwork files you can get that has all that stuff?

I tend just to use or then do it the old fashioned way. If it’s a conceptual vehicle though, it becomes a case of creating your own reference images. Alternatively, block it out using primitives which are not one mesh, just pile 'em on each other, thne use the resulting shape to work off, either as a set of background images, or the actual object.