Recommended math textbooks?

I want to brush up and expand my knowledge in math, specifically areas that relate to CG. I have “3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development” which is pretty good. Obviously what your interested in in CG would require learning different areas of math, but are there some areas you definitely should know?

I think textbooks would be the best bet because they have the exercises for you to do. Anyone know of good youtube channels that maybe bored/retired professors like to demostrate math?

I am interested in human movement and anatomy. I am not sure how you would quantify anatomy though.

Math can be a hard subject to write for so I a interested in hearing if you guys found any textbooks that were good and didn’t make you want to slit your wrist. lol. Thanks for reading.

While not ‘books’ you can check out the MIT Opencourseware, they have a bunch of math courses in there.

Search for videos on YouTube from stanford MIT

i heard Michael Spivak makes good calculus textbooks

khanacademy has some good videos for calculus, differential equations, and physics (as well as some more elementary math subjects, if you need them).


Don’t know what the best texbooks are (I use MIT OpenCourseware, or just video-lectures in general), but I know that Vectors are the “bread and butter” of CG math.

So, I would recommend that vectors be your study focus.

Thanks for all the responses. I forgot about the MIT OpenCourseware. There is a “Mathematics for Computer Science” course listed so I will start there most likely.

I was aware of the Khan Academy videos but couldn’t remember the name. Thanks for reminding me.

That 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Developement" book goes over vectors so I will re-read that section and maybe find some online exercises relating to vectors.

Thanks again for the help.

I’ve been reading Physical Based Rendering From Theory to Implementation lately and their explanation of the vector, matrix and transformation classes (Ch. 2) does a pretty good job of describing the practical application of the ‘3d math voodoo’ stuff.

Mind you I have no clue why it works but but they have enough information to figure out what it does and how it works – which is good enough for me since there was a reason I wasn’t a math major.

Not sure about specific texts, but I know that a lot of Game Development degree programs will have you take various mixtures of physics, calculus, analytic geometry and to a lesser extent, discrete mathematics. I’d suggest discrete math more if you’re doing AI stuff, but it’s always useful. The others should give you enough of a grounding with vectors, matrices and other math.
Tidbit of advice is pay particular attention when you’re learning about things like the vector dot product :slight_smile:

EDIT: now that I think about it, the OpenGL book I had to buy has a lot of math and code examples in it :smiley:
Computer Graphics with OpenGL

They’re not so much math texts, but the OpenGL red/blue books are free and online, and I know at least the “red book” gives decent explanations in english of what OpenGL is actually doing