Recommended mice

Hi, I sold my mouse and now I’m looking for a new one. I didn’t know where to post this so I posted it as off-topic…

What mouse do you recommend for use with blender? I would prefer one with a wire, eventhough I use a laptop, I prefer a quick connection (yes I know logitech has a very fast wireless connection, but it (mx1000) has a large reciever and their laptop mice are much to small).

I was thinking about Apple’s but the scroll-ball is very (almost impossible) to configure within linux, and blender without scrollwheel nor middle mouse button doesn’t lure me.

So, what mice do you use?
Thanks in advance!

I use the logitech g5. I like it, and i bought it because my other mouse kept locking up. It has built in sensitivity adjusters.

Just my 2 cents of rambling.

Well, I like it, but I think it’s a bit overdone with adjustable weights and certainly since the software isn’t working on linux I loose all the advantage of adjustable dpi.
Or is this a hardware thing like the mx518? (Or sub-hardware, like you need to configure in windows but it is written to the device once you’ve done so).

microsofit intellimouse or intellimouse explorer… nothing fancy, more than sufficently functional

the newfangled “clickless scrolls” and “sideways tilts” seem useless to me [and annoying], so I’ve not bought a mouse with one.

Well, the handy thing about linux is that you can make the buttons do different things. I could make the tilt do a loop-cut or something like that. I still have to look into the compatibility with the mouse, because microsoft sometimes make their hardware incompatible with better (:D) OSs