Recommended size / format for background images?

I can’t help noticing that Blender grinds to a halt when you open a background image that’s fairly large (1000+ pixels either dimension).

Does anyone know if this is to do with the file size / format / resolution? What is the optimum format for a background image?


Well… perhaps you should try a different image format… if you’re using .TGA try .PNG … makes a big difference in the file size.

There is no optimum size… but yeah… the bigger, the longer it takes to load. I regularly use 2500 X 2500 images though…


maybe a Open GL compliant size jpg image will help

256 x 256 , 512 x 512, 512 x 1024, 1024 x 1024…and the like ( power of two)

I uses 4096x4096 Skymaps without issues

How much ram you have?


I have 512 MB and a 1.3 MB PNG kills the performance stone dead. Weird!