Recommended steps to a smoother model

I am guessing it’s an education thing on my part, however I continue to have “jagged edges” on my models…

OSA = 16 and enabled, with FULL OSA on textures, Subsurface = 4, etc

I’m betting it’s a modelling issue, i.e. I need more verts.

So I got to thinking that maybe the community had some good rules of thumb for “number of verts” in a high res render? 500k? 1Mil? 50k?

Also, are there other options I should be enabling? Or considering enabling?

Look forward to any tips.


Turn on motion blur with OSA at 16, this will jitter the camera causing a 256 Anti-Aliasing.

One thing you didn’t mention is “SetSmooth” in the Edit Buttons.


I guess Fligh% is right. Otherwise please post an image to illustrate the problem, hazmat.

Concerning vertex count: You should always try to use as less vertices as possible. That way you ensure easy mesh editing, a responsive viewport and fast rendering. The same applies to subsurf. Use the lowest level that produces acceptable results for the rendering and use an even lower level for the viewport. Create fine details through materials and texturing.

I agree with Usagi; this is a good thing to do, and it makes everything 1000% better.