Recommended Workstation Specs for the Office

I just acquired a RTX 3070 which freed up my GTX 1060 6GB. I’d like to use it at the office for work projects (training material made with Blender). So I’m going to request our IT department for a custom moderate build. Nothing crazy power wise, just enough for modeling intermediate polygon count projects.

I will request 32 GB RAM, an M.2 SSD & SATA SSD but specifically what should request for a processor?

At home I have an I7-8700k and I picked it for the single core speed. I don’t think there’s a great benefit to a large amount of processor cores/threads as Blender does not seem to take advantage of them. I was thinking as long as I have at least a quad core with fast single core speed I should be good.

I don’t mind going for AMD but really I think concentrating on processor speed and price is what I need to be aiming at.


Two alternatives for this build:

  1. AMD based
  1. Intel based