Reconfiguring and repurposing Blender?

Hi all,

I’m investigating the use of Blender as a graphical interface/editor for a library of digital Lego bricks (LDraw). It would require dragging and dropping files (with thumbnail previews), being able to read/write to a few new formats, being able to manipulate the text of those file formats directly, and adding a few new toolbars. As Blender seems to be extremely flexible, I’m wondering just how possible it would be to move all this functionality to Blender (some of which, I understand, is already being incorporated in the Apricot builds).

I’ve included a screenshot of the program that most people use to interact with the LDraw library, it’s called MLCad. You drag and drop files from the left pane to the right ones, and those lines of text in the pane at the center of the window are the actual file, where you can add steps and comments.


This would be cool if it was done. Question: Is this the same library that LeoCad uses?

Sorry I couldn’t help with additions, but I’m no programmer.

I believe so, though I have not personally used LeoCAD.