Reconnecting link for rigged character

I had linked a character into a blend file and animated him. I had to break that file path. How can I reconnect him in my animation file? thx

How do you break a file path?

Say I linked the file from …/…/Models/Character.blend , but I moved the animation file for better organization but that path to the link is no longer accurate.

Hmm, I tried File -> External Data -> Report Missing Files/Find Missing Files in the top header, but it doesn’t give me the desired results.

For now you should be able to re-link the Group (mesh + armature) and assign the existing Action (animation) to the new proxy in the Action Editor

  1. You could put the file back into its original path.
  2. You could also start a fresh scene file, link up the rigs/assets, and append the Actions from the old scene file.