Hey all,
I have started work on a puzzle game; from time to time I’ll add more puzzles
So it’s a very evolving project, I have a demo for download, its rushed; I was going for graphics this time…
The site

And some screen shots

Let me know what you think

pretty cool! graphics rock, did u paint all the textures yourself? great character too
i can see this evolving into something awesome… first thing u should work on is physics and new animations =)

Yeah most of the textures were made in Photo Shop, if I didn’t make them I modified them in some way.
I plan to focus on the animation and physics more…I guess its time to study up on character animation :smiley:

Good graphics, but the gameplay needs work. Give the boxes a lot more friction, pushing them around is frustrating when you slide all around. Then you turn and the box goes flying off to the side. Maybe invert the direction of the holes so you don’t have to push the box uphill as well. I want to see the next level but its too frustrating:)

But superb textures, they are like the best ever:)

Cool game demo, I really like the character. Why not let the character move the cubes with some cools things like, when you press spacebar he hit’s the cubes with his fist that grows and shoot out of it’s arm, something liek rayman does, just add more strange things.

I’m thinking some way for him to move the boxes other than pushing them around. Collins is an evil magician type, so the possibilities as for what he can do is only limited by myself.

That’s looking cool!

A puzzle game? That’s new! [Seems everyone is working on some sort of FPS]
Kan’t critik the gameplay kuz my drivers are screwed and Blender runs like if my PC was a 44Mhz… sucks…

But I admit the sceenshots make the game look very… funky… as the charakter…

the graphics are great.and i guess you will add more stuff to the level,like obstacles and stuff,right? that’s what it needs,beside a better physics engine on blender LOL :wink: :smiley: . it looks very cool and i like the end when you place all the boxes in place(i won’t say,cause i don’t want to screw it for others that haven’t seen it! :smiley: ) keep working on it dude! :smiley: