Reconstructing missing index block

What is happening and how do I stop it ?

I’m trying to render a HD video of, 500 frames, as an AVI raw.

Blender does this fine with all 500 frames, but will not replay it.

So I have a look at it in VirtualDub.

It does load it, but it does state it has to “Reconstruct the missing index block”.

and gives the error messages as follows;

  • AVI: Index not found or damaged - reconstructing via file scan.
  • AVI: Invalid chunk detected at 2146184944. Enabling aggressive recovery mode
  • AVI: Keyframe flag reconstruction was not specified in open options and the video stream is not a known keyframe-only type. Seeking in the video stream may be extremly slow.

It also only finds 346 of the 500 frames.

I do not have any codec’s other than those given by Vista.

Any ideas?

Please keep it simple, I’m only a beginner at this.

OrangeGuy. :smiley: