Record animation changes keyframes

I am following this tutorial and Everything worked fine when I press P for the physics simulation. Then when I check “Record Animation” (In the Blender Game render engine) and press P, the activator object (An elongated cube), that is key framed to glide across the shards, randomly is at some faraway location and at the last second comes flying by.

So, what could setting “Record Animation” change to cause this? What settings should I check?

Thanks for any help, in advance.

If you don’t want to overwrite any already keyframed movement try locking the editability of those channels in the graph editor (padlock icon)

I’m not sure if I described my problem clear enough. Initially, the physics simulation would change what it does when I checked “Record animation”. I don’t care about overwriting anything. I wanted to record the correct physics simulation, but the physics simulation changed when I checked that setting.

I changed the cursor position of the timeline and that fixed the weird glitch that was happening.