record animation messes up

I am using blender 2.63 r46461.

I am running a rigid body physics simulation in the Blender game engine to get collisions working for a poker going through some coke (coal) in a forge.

The poker is controlled via the action actuator and moves as expected in the view port when pressing p to run the game engine. But as soon as I try ‘record animation’ the poker runs through it’s 120 frame animation in about 3 frames and knocks the coke everywhere.

In the world panel I have the physics and logic steps set to 1 and the amount of substeps at 2 (I have tried 1-5 and 2 works for enough precision and not too long processing time).

Both the fps in the world tab and the animation frame rate in the render tab are set to 30.

There are quite a few coke objects (about 800 objects, deleted half of them to keep file size down).

Is this a glitch with the version of blender I have been using or a limitation on the design of the blender game engine where there is a loss of synchronisation between the action frames and the blender game engine physics frames when record animation is enabled.

Would someone be able to point me in the right direction?

Blend file (9mb)

File uploaded to mediafire since this forums attachment uploader refused to work, got to about 10% 3 or 4 times then gave up, attempted uploading a few times with the same result.