Record does not start from 1

When I try to record an animation through bottom timeline, it simply won’t put that yellow diamond shaped marker at the starting point. So my video starts from 5 or 7 and goes on. Any help will be great.

Got a file to look at to see what might be the problem?

I got rid of the file which had. What I am trying to say is when we click the " Record " like button, a square with circle in the center, and move from starting point to say 40, the yellow marker comes only from there. Whatever I move from there, there is a yellow diamond marker.

I was told to click and object and then press " i " to get myself a starting point yellow diamond marker ( keyframe ? ). I hope you understand. After the loop it goes to the 40 position ( just an example ) instead of 1 and the cycle continues in animation. Thanks.

Maybe you had the starting keyframe from the 5th or 7th. Thats why it was always started from there. Theres an option in the top right where you can set where your animation starts from and ends.

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I did use the default. It happens all the time to me. Not just once. Thanks.