Record GE Physics and the "Add Object" Actuator

Hello all. I can’t seem to record objects that get added by an “Add Object” actuator.

Really simple blend.
Layer 1 - One broad plane to act at as the floor. One tilted plane that will do the “Add Object”
Layer 2 - One simple cube that is the object that gets added.

Hit P and my tilted plane spits out lots of little cubes just like I want it to. Looks good.

Enable the “Record Game Engine Physics to IPO”, hit P, let the “game” run. Hit Alt+A and …nuttin. Nada. I see my tilted plane just sitting there doing nothing.

If I select the cube Object and go look at its IPO, I do see LOC and ROT IPO keys that have been added, but they are all completely horizontal with no movement in the vertical.

So, can I record an object that gets added at “game” time by the “Add Object” actuator?


I don’t think what you want to do is possible when you record the game physics.

But I think you could get similar results using a particle system that emits objects and all set up all surfaces to collide with the particles.

Animations have no “add object” actuator… and thus have no way to add your thousands of cubes.

For this sort of thing, the Particle system is probably what you want.

I’ve got an M60 machine gun and I’m trying to animate the spent shell casings shooting out from the breach and piling up.

I have it set up right now as a particle system, with an emitter that is emitting a spent-shell-casing object, which looks pretty good.

The only problem is that the particles fall right through the floor and do not collect on the floor over their lifespan. Does that make sense?

So, I was hoping to replace this with the physics/game engine which would allow the spent-shell-casing objects to fall with gravity and then collect in something like a pile.

How could I improve the particle emitter that I already have?


Oh…hang on. Ok, my floor (plane) has the Deflection / Collision setting to dampen and friction (I never realized this). I can make the particle cubes collec. I think I can get my spent shell casings to collect on the floor. Sweet.

Yeah, that’s the idea.