Record Physics to IPO for objects added in-game??

I had the idea for this project around a week ago and after a bit of tinkering, i think i got the most of it to look pretty realistic. Now im at the point where i want to animate it, maybe have trampoline-like bouncey things, or whatever, but my problem is i cant record anything created in-game to IPO. After looking at about a thousand physics-> IPO tutorials on the web, i havent seen any way to do this…

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Any suggestions on how to accomplish this and/or (constructive) criticisms thus far?

and please, download it, play with it and change it or whatever you like:yes:


faux juggling.blend (966 KB)

Maybe you could do it like this; you put a bunch of balls already in the scene, (so they’re not created in the game). When you want to throw a new ball you don’t create a new one, but just get one from the balls you already have. To make sure the player won’t see the unused balls and the balls don’t slow down the game, you can make them invisible and NoColission. As soon as a ball is needed, a python script could give it a new position and make it visible and rigid body.