Record Player

I’m by no means even a tenth as talented as most of the people here, but I just wanted to share a project I’m working on, it has definitely been done before, but without further ado, here’s my record player (based on the TT8 because I liked the design) I’m just moving on into my second year using blender, so please by kind, but I’d love any suggestions/criticisms that anyone has to offer :slight_smile:

Cycles render:

AO Pass:

Source/reference image:

Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing Saturday/Sunday!

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The model looks good. You’ve put a record on the deck, but I see no grooves (though a WIP, so maybe to come).

The specular looks wrong on your render (and in fact the wood is the wrong type, unless you are going for a different look).

And just being picky, but your tweeters look a little big.

And overall, think of adding some imperfection to your textures. Subtle fingerprints and such.

Having said that, nice start. :slight_smile:

Yep, those are all great points, I’ll definitely work on them, thanks! As for the grooves, they’re there, just the lighting doesn’t work out the best for them, I’ll probably end up making the record more rough because the lighting really doesn’t do the material justice.

Here’s another view (just a screenshot from the viewport so it’s not looking too good though.) I also switched from using bump only to a stronger bump AND displacement (I was originally going to use Eevee but now I’m definitely going to use cycles)

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Andddd with some fixes here’s a render with a fixed record:

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Nice! To make it even more realistic I would add synchronization cubes on the platter and of course a stroboscopic neon lamp and housing.

You should make a contest to see how many can properly animate the rotation direction of the platter. You’d be surprised how many I’ve seen not get that right.

Yep! I’ll definitely add those textures, I thought when first looking at the reference that there weren’t any, but apparently it does have them (as all record players should :slight_smile: )

Here’s the AO pass for the record now that I use displacement btw, lmk if it looks right:

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