Record the actions you do in Blender option.


I have suggestion for Blender, I don’t know if this is the right spot to post it, anyway here it is.

I thought it might be interested to include an option to save a blend-file including the actions/steps you just did, so it could be used as a tutorial file.

For instance you start ‘record’ and after 20 actions that made up for instance a small object or animation, you could select ‘save from start’. And someone new could open that file and do 20 re-do’s and learn in Blender itself instead of having to look at a movie.

That’s it.



blender can do that already…most programs can. thats how undo works. if you save the blend and you have set it to save as many levels of undo as desired for undo they can work backward and forward.

I might be doing something wrong but once I save, close and re-open my blend-files, all the undo’s and redo’s are erased.

Macro recording was on the early list of blender 2.5 features but is no longer part of the current plan.