Recorded IPOs play very slow

Hi, it’s me again with yet another problem.

I’m making a bowling alley. I recorded the physics of the pins and the ball to IPOs (so I have 11 IPOs). The problem is that when I play them the framerate drops to like 5 fps.

I tried switching to multitexture materials, to check if my graphics card had anything to do, and I get 60+ fps. As soon as I play the IPOs, it goes down to 5 fps again.

Why do you need IPO’s for the physics? The Bullet engine should handle these physics for you.

Hi Cyborg Dragon.
I know I can use Bullet, but I wanted to control the game with pre-recorded throws.
I noticed my IPOs where too cluttered, and after cleaning them I got a better performance, but still too bad. It seems Blender doesn’t like too many IPOs at a time, specially if they’re too dense.

Anyway, I passed on the pre-recorded throws and I left Bullet on.