Recording a blender game question

Whenever I try recording with fraps, or BBflash, cam studio, even apowersoft The playback looks slower. This is true recording a blend or a complied game. On the blend the frame rate drops but not much (it’s above 30 fps)so how come it looks not smooth?
Is it becasue game made with python? Anyone else having this problem and did you solve it?


It has nothing to do with Python. How good is your computer? 3D games and screen capture/encoding are both resource intensive applications to run. It sounds like your computer is simply lagging and can’t keep up with the capture.

I suggest bandicam personally for recording games, it usually works quite well, however if you have a decent graphics card you could MSI afterburner application which records with 0 lag (even with games like bf3)

MSI afterburner has never been able to detect openGL programs on my PC…

The reason fraps looks choppy is because it is trying to “shove” more frames than are needed into each frame (eg 60fps into a 30fps video). You need to limit your framerate to 30 and set the recording framerate to 30 too. Also make sure your hdd and cpu are not being heavily utilized by any background tasks while recording.

@MrPutuLips - I’ve just recently got MSI Afterburner working really well, and recording 720p vids at fairly high framerates. Blender games might be tougher to set up, but I know that MSI Afterburner works with them (I recorded pretty much all of my game videos with it). I believe MSI won’t record 64-bit applications - only 32-bit.

@digiman - I would suggest MSI Afterburner, which is free. I use it set to MJPG compression in an AVI container. You can adjust the quality and framerate as you wish, but I have mine set to 100%, 60 FPS, and a full frame. The game I just finished recording (Caster) wasn’t able to run completely at 60 FPS all of the time, but at 49 FPS or so minimum, which is still pretty smooth. After recording, I pushed it over to Blender to edit and output. Mess about with it for a little while, and if it doesn’t work out, then you could try Dxtory, which seems to be about $37 for a license. Fraps is $37 and Bandicam is $39. For Fraps and Bandicam, there’s the free versions, but I believe they have some restrictions to deal with (a watermark, for example).

I’m running windows 7 64 bit and msi works fine with all my 64 bit applications however the graphics card is a big factor.

Are you certain that you are not recording at a high frame rate? say 120, or even at 60?(if the game play is at 30 fps) If the video player you use automatically plays at 30 FPS, then the video will appear slower. Try looking at the video setting for your recorder, or try playing back in a different player. If you are looking for a new solution for recording, I personally love Hypercam2. But it cannot (“out of the box”) record voice and “game” sound simultaneously.

Thanks for your suggestions I have a new computer( about a year old) with AMD Radeon HD 7450 card All of those other programs I tried always had some choppy playback I tried Bandicam and it worked great not choppy playback at all that i could see I was going to try MSI afterburner but don’t need it. Thanks again for your help