Recording Armatures In The Game Engine?

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’ve made a Kinect-Blender interface that allows appropriately named armatures to be manipulated in the game engine by using your own body the and it works well (as can be seen HERE). I now want to go one better and be able to record the armature movements in the BGE. From what I’ve tried, the ‘Record Animation’ setting only records objects which have the physics set to dynamic and not deformations as a result of bones in an armature moving.

Has anyone got any idea of any python code, work arounds or glitches that’ll enable me to record armature deformations made in the BGE into the main animation sequence thingy (I know. Technical vocab there)

Thanks Guys!

I believe that for record animation on armatures you need bpy function that’s not included bge. But I’m not sure

bpy works in the BGE as long as you don’t compile it into a runtime as far as I know. I made the mistake of using it in place of game engine functions when I first started blender :stuck_out_tongue: