recording cloth sim animations to bones

is that possible…like one bone per vertex and the bone take its data from the cloth instead of the animator

Not entirely sure if this will work because I haven’t dabbled with cloth but if you have a rigged character run your animation and sim and try using the corrective shapekeys add on to turn it into a shapekey…

It might be possible, but terribly complex, I’d think, involving a lot of vertex parenting and probably massive numbers of constraints for the bones. Why would you want to do that, anyway? It kind of contradicts the basic purpose of an armature and bones, which is controlled and structural mesh deformation via keyframes…

well its hardly thousands of vertices, it’s a game character, non-BGE project and the import export pipeline dont support the cloth sim. it was just give a jacket tail a bit bitter movement than bones might be capable of…anyways I think efforts at experimenting with this may not bare fruit based on the responses thanks anyways

Does your game engine support vertex animation? It should, since it’s older tech than skeletal animation and was the first type used in games. It’s often used in modern engines for cloth-type animations like flags, etc., if the engine doesn’t have its own cloth physics. You could export Blender Cloth sim sequences to vertex keyframe animation (file type .mdd) in pre-2.5x versions, not sure if the exporter works properly with current versions, however, you’d have to research it. This would be the better way to export cloth-like animations to a game engine that doesn’t have its own cloth physics.

nah only skeletal for ogre mesh and and the .blend loader doesn’t either …that thing is still alpha though…so maybe in the future

The OGRE wiki mentions support for “legacy” animation, called Shape & Morph animation on the page, which is the same as vertex keyframe animation. You’d only have to find out what file formats it supports, most likely .mdd, which is a common format in widespread use for this kind of animation file. In fact it mentions some fairly sophisticated shape animation features like shape blending, good for lip synch & facial anims. Check it out: – about 1/2way down the page under “Animation/Flexible shape animation support”

I dont use ogre I use jMonkey Engine3 which in turn uses ogre format as an intermediate format and does not support any vertex animation features of the ogre format at this time so that’s a no go