Recording Game play Footage

Okay so I was playing Halo 3 today (Trying to see my epic deaths…) and I was thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if you could CAPTURE EVERYTHING then (after you have saved the footage/data) you could replay the level (they physics and everything but can not control anything but time.) and move you camera around and see your kills/deaths?

Is that possible???

REASON: It would look cool (and could make movies).

ANSWER: yours.

In Halo? You might ask at Halo forum.

Um… would they know anything about blender?

@Monster - I think he wants to know if it’s possible to do replays in Blender. I’m guessing Halo was just an example.
@MouseDroid - I’m pretty sure it’s possible.

As there’s nothing built into Blender to do this, you’ have to make you own replay system in Python. This could prove to be rather simple or very difficult depending on the complexity of your game.

I’ve never worked on a replay system myself, so I can’t really give you any pointers to get started. Sorry.

(I don’t think this sounds too hard) I’m making FPS/3Rd person shooter game, (hope to archive graphic like in COD MW2)… to hard?

Things: Tanks, infantry, explosions (A lot of them), grass, rocks, debris, ruins,ect…

(BTW I’m still trying to get the character to look good and the walk cycles looking good)

As always I shall ask a question:

What is a replay?
It is all the events played back, in this case except the camera’s location

How can you record it?
Every few frames take a “snapshot” of every objects location, rotation, scale, velocity, property values etc within the scne

How can you play it back?
Every few frames load the next “snapshot” restoring all the information saved.

What does this system sound like? To me it sounds a bit like a save/load system that saves every 10 frames when recording.

Would that also record add/end objects?

If there aren’t any random occurrences that happen, I supposed you could just record all input from the player and the times each keystroke occurred. Then just play the game normally but use the recorded input to control the game rather than player input.

If it was written well then it would record all add/end objects

If you record input, then some AI events using the bge.rand to make “choices” (like dodging) will result in (by the end) a vastly different clip.

Okay, I will defiantly remember this later, and this thread was not just for me, it was for others that wish how do to this.

It is rare when I write a thread just for me.