recording modelling action (logger function)

Im quite new to blender and python programming. in my quest for mastering python programming in blender it would be of great help to have a function in blender which records your actions in form of python commands and saves them to a logg file. For instance if i use a tool in the blender GUI I can straight away go into my logg file and see the command and how the input variables are set.
So my question therefore is, is there such a function call logging tool available?

And before i get the comment, yes i know that if i hover the mouse over the tool or button i see the command that i can search for in the python API reference and get what i need, but a logging tool would make it kinda easier, wouldnt you agree? :eyebrowlift2:

There’s a reports window (I think it’s called) under the top header menu.

Thats precisely what i was looking for. Thanks a lot!