Recording myself...

What is the best software and/or method of recording myself as I model something? I was thinking of hooking on of those digital VCR type devices to my computer somehow but I would like to avoid any possible loss in resolution and money ( ) so I was thinking that there HAD to be a way of recording my actions directly to the hard drive. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

Camtasia ALL THE WAY baby! I just got it and am going to start recording some Blender tutorias with it. It caputres your screen (or a section of it) in real time, then you can edit it with the built-in non-linear editor, add more clips, titles and transitions if you want, and then export into Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media, MPEG, Realmedia, or AVI.

Ripstring I owe you big time baby. Thanks alot bud. Any progress on that kick ass fiber script of yours?

I’ve been stalled by college finals. That and rewriting the whole script to make it friendly with 3.23. I’m also thinking about making the math subrotines C compiled DLLs and SOs for speed, but I don’t have any experience with that. Expect some new kick-ass features though.

The free 30 day trial available on their site is fully functionall too, I believe. You might not even have to buy it.

and, because we all use linux and opensource applications, why not try xvidcap.



A free recorder I know of is CamStudio. You can download it at for free. It doesn’t have all the fancy editing features, but it can record audio and video. It saves them in .avi format to your computer.


Camtasia is the best solution I came across too (it´s not free, thou.)

I’ve used Camstudio a lot and it works great. I haven’t used Camtasia (What makes it better than Camstudio?) at all but one of the downsides that it has is that it requires users to download their codec. This may be a small note but its a big deal to some people.


Camtasia exports to a whole bunch of formats (including .exe, AVI - with or w/o their CODEC and Flash).

…but then, since we all got sick of dependency errors, we switched back to windows and went with Ripstrings idea :wink:

seriously tho, linux rocks. I only wish I knew how to use it better


Hey Ripstring. If you do the PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a printable html version of your tutorials. Some of us older people ( Remember JFK) like to print out stuff, sit the hard copy next to our monitor and just read along as we perform the actions in the tutorial. It gets irksome having to switch back and fort between the tute window and the blender window. Though I do agree that camtasia and programs similar to it are great for teaching.

Ok I’ll make HTML tutorials too, it’s just that they take longer and require more image editing and things; and I don’t have much time as it its.

I like wink at

Oyster wrote:

I like wink at

And it’s free!

I like wink too. I just didn’t think that was the kind of program he was looking for.


WOW!!! Man…I go to work…come back…and BAM…2 pages of help. I truly love the Blender community. Thanks to all of you I now have something to run with. I will let you all know what this is about soon. Until then keep checking up on my Self Portrait and AIRMAN projects.

Take care all.