Recording physics to IPO with IPO actuators in the game logic.

Well i couldn’t really make a clear title, so i’ll explain it.

I’ve got an IPO actuator brick, that is activated when a particular object with the correct property comes near. Now, i want to record the physics to IPO, but the UPO that the actuator uses is then being erased, so that the animation isn’t correct anymore. How can i solve this?
This is my example:
I’ve got 2 automatic doors, of which the movement is IPO based.
If the cube comes near, they open. If the cube is a bit farther away, the doors close (the ‘Near’ sensor). Simple.
Now if i’d want to record this to IPO and render it to a movie, how should i do this?
Tnx in advance!

thats a common problem, all the ipos get overwritten when recording. there is no easy solution to that issue.

btw, your music is pretty good!

What is the hard way then? Complex scripts? I jsut got into scripts so i wont be fixing this problem in my blend file anytime soon…

And thanks!

record physics to ipo the first time you run it, then, make sure it’s not activated the next time you run the engine, that way, it won’t overwrite the ipo

or am i missing something here?

Hi, i have exactely the same problem of Dusky.
Midian solution unfortunately doesn’t work for me :frowning:
Is there some other solution?
A way to record simulation to a new ipo, for example, even using python scripting…

It seems that this is the solution for me:

You must remember that it only records physics, (if you were wondering) meaning if you move something with dloc it won’t get recorded. Because you defy the laws of gravity with that.

would be nice new feature… that it records everything… without killing any existing ipos… (tho complicated to make… but I’m sure it will help the non-gaming side of blender a whole lot too.

Ash has resolved the overwriting of the current object ipo by creating another one, via some python scripting.
This allows Blender to read and make calculation with previous ipo without conflicts.
In my opinion, the fact that it must read and write to the same ipo somehow causes the “strange” behaviour. Making it write to a new ipo, as in Ash’s file, solves the problem.

so can you record to new object A… the ipos and whatever game movement to another object B… then go and give object B the newly recoreded ipos from A? Anyone follow? :wink:

well, the script registers whatever movement or rotation the game engine produces, to a new ipos on object A. The object is the same, but the ipos get replaced by new ones (old ones are still present on the scene but no more assigned.
At this point, yes, you can give the newly caculated ipos to wathever other object is present on the scene, with the popup menu next to the ipo name or with copy and paste from/to buffer (from the ipos window).