Recording vehicle physics to IPO curve

Hi there,

I’m pitching for a project where I need to animate a car. My first idea was to tweak and use the excellent vehicle-physics demo to actually drive around, record everything to IPOs and render it.

Unfortunately recording the vehicle simulation only saves an IPO-curve for the body of the car, but not the wheels. That’s pretty bad, because adding them later by hand just won’t look very convincing.

So here’s my question to those who know Python a lot better than me:

Is it possible to also record the movement of the wheels in the vehicle-simulation to IPO curves?

Perhaps attaching some objects to the wheels would do the trick, but I’m rather clueless as the whole phython-part is beyond me.

Any help would be appreciated, I’m in a little hurry here.

Thanx in advance.

After looking around I found a quite similar request, which wasn’t really sufficiently resolved.