recovering a crashed render in quicktime?

Hi there.

I’ve been rendering a water simulation with caustics and global illumination that is the standard length of 250 frames. somewhere around 120 frames blender crashed and the quicktime file it produced is unusable. It is fairly large so there has to be data in there but about every tool I tried was unable to get the frames out so I could just start from where it left of and join them together manually.

I tried quicktime itself, mpeg streamclip, isquint, vlc, divx player and converter… no luck so far.

Now this render has been pretty lengthy due to all the photons having to be traced and the water refractions and so on, so I’d really love to get the frames it has rendered so far back without having to rerender them all. Is there a way to pull that off? Should I just render a frame sequence next time and put that together into a movie? And is it uncomon for blender to crash half way through a yafray render with photon lights and a sky dome? This is the second crash with this, the first one happening around frame 40ish when I maximized the minimized render window.

Any help would be appreciated
– Peter

I don’t know how to help but you should always render animations with long render times as image sequences.

seconded. sorry i can’t offer much more than that. After being screwed a few times, I always do this unless I’m rendering a playblast.

its kind of a bylaw for 3d artists, across all software packages.