Recovering blend files from old pc

Hello, i was able to take ahold of a old HDD from a desktop computer i used. Only thing that most of the projects are not packed. U still have all the required missing data but i can’t just copy the .blend files to my main computer and expect it to work. Any possible way i can pack all my blend’s, or at least copy all the required files into a folder? Like some automation tool?

In fact you can just “see” the paths in the blend file… i once tried this a little to move some files ( which actually wasn’t worth it… ) and i finally made not a sophisticated tool out of it:

I’m on linux…so… (maybe with some unix-tools on windows like for example )

	zcat "$file" 2> /dev/null || cat "$file") 	\
		| strings -a 	\
		| sort 	\
		| uniq 	\
		| grep '[/|:\\]' 	\
		| grep -v tmp 	\
		| grep -Ei "\.{bmp|pi?ng|jpe?g|ta?r?ga|tiff?|pn?g?m|dds}" 

Actually nowadays you have to determine if it is zstd … so zstdcat

This said: if you have also copied the directories where the images are… then maybe File → External Data → Report/Find… can help…

( :thinking: wasn’t there something similar) … no it wasn’t…

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