Recovering objects with linked group (Lost a days work :)) [Solved]


Is there a way to recover object data through a linked library?

Here’s my situation; I’ve been using blender professionally for over a year now as a visualizer at a large construction firm.
My worklow consists of converting CAD files to something usable in blender, and saving the different parts. These are large scale infrastructural projects, so for example I split all available data into groundwork, guardrails, road markings, bridges etc. and link them in another file if I need a specific visualisation.

While using the “save selected” addon, which never gave me any issues, most of the groundwork got deleted. I’m not sure but instead of saving what I had selected it deleted everything unselected. Due to having most of the objects far from the origin, I never noticed until it was too late. There was nothing left, not even in the backups. A 12km stretch of highway gone.

I have a deadline coming up and this would undoubtedly mean I’d have to postpone/cancel.

There’s one shimmer of hope, the file I link all my objects to is still open. It still shows the groundwork like it was this morning. I’m afraid I lose that data if I try to experiment with it to see if I can get that data back. Can a blender guru (not necessarily Andrew :)) confirm if it is possible at all, and how. I’d be incredibly grateful.



Should be able to make them local in that file. I tested it with a uv sphere:

  • created a file with uv sphere, saved
  • opened new scene, linked the object (from the object folder) in
  • opened the original file, deleted the object, saved the file
  • back to linked scene, selected the linked uv sphere, L to make local

Repeated the test with a torus, linked a group and made the duplicates real with ctrl+shift+A in the scene file.

Hi JA12

I knew about making linked objects local, as well as I knew it wouldn’t be applicable in this situation (an empty with a dupligroup).

Using “make duplicates real” skipped my mind (Might have been sheer panic :o) So with nothing to lose I tried it and…

It worked!

So an eight man-hour loss instead of eighty. I can live with that :slight_smile:
I’m not sure how I can thank you, but I hope you’ll feel happy knowing you’ve been a part of a huge project here in the Netherlands :D.

Hopefully in the coming months I’ll get to work on a big animation which will actually be displayed on social media as most of the really nice blender work I’ve been doing was for internal communication.