Recovering User Prefs after upgrade?

How do I recover my User Preferences after upgrading a new version of Blender?

It always resets it to default. Is there an easier way than to manually change each preference and saving user settings?


Thanks in advance

When you open a new version for the first time there is an option on the splash screen to copy over your previous settings

Unfortunately, if you have already run the new version and dismissed the splash screen then there is, AFAIK, no way to copy previous settings (gurus, plz correct me if I am wrong).

I have overcome this on my Windows 7 system by going into the file system and removing all traces of the new version, then unzipping it again and being very careful to select the option Richard mentions the first time I run it again. I can’t promise this will work on your Mac, but I would expect it to.

This is one reason I never use the Blender installer, which I fear will mess with the Registry, and instead always download the zip file.

If you’ve already saved some new preferences, just manually delete the folder that was created for them. The option in the splash screen will then be available again the next time you start blender. This 100% works in OSX and I asssume in other OSs

Location of config files

Copying the files in ~/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.67/config to the …/2.68/… folder seemed to do the trick.

Still, wouldn’t it make sense to have a “Load User Preferences” if there is a ‘Save User Preferences’ action?