recreate blueprints plans from images


i have these 3 images from a render that i want to convert thme to some sort of blueprints , to recreate the building in blender ,and as you can notice there is différents scales on each view .

at this time ii have no way to contact the architect to get proper autocad files or Something to work properly, all i have is these 3 images plus other rendered views in perspective .

any idea on how i can use this to get proper bluebrints ?

thanks and good day .


Bring the 3 images into a photo manipulation program like Photoshop or the free gimp.
Measure the length and width (in pixels) of the plan view.
Then scale the side view pixel length to match the plan.

Even with dowloaded blueprints you have to go through this process as they are often not and exact match between all the views.

Use blender - import images as planes and find matching points. Scale as needed, model.

@eppo : very very cool man, thanks a lot !!!, and kevjon as well :slight_smile: