Recreate this tech demo in blender

Do you think it’s possible to recreate this in blender? using cycles or eevee, the picture doesn’t do it justice open the site here and check it out
it’s pretty cool but it doesn’t seem to work on mobile so make sure you’re on desktop

I think it would be possible…I played for just a few minutes…and this is what I came up with…I don’t know at the moment how to add the driver to make the rainbows continue to move, without animating it…but it is close…

The value node will move the colors and moving the object will change colors via the Camera node and z-depth…
So it is a start…and it was fun also!! Go play with it!


You can create this effect with VSHADE easily (with real absorption)

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That looks awesome, where did you find that model for testing?

I’ve never heard of vshade before, that looks really interesting, do you recommend it for someone who’s a beginner at shading? or is it mostly for advanced users?

For Beginner to Advanced users. If you need easy setup, or if you need complex setup. It works like Vray.

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it is included in the file from github, from the link you posted, and you can import directly into blender.

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Edit: never mind i found the license in the download folder

You probably don’t know the answer but is it cc0? the closest source i can find is this but it doesn’t mention anything about the license