Recreating a long loss game (U.B. Funkeys)

Hello I’m looking for volunteers to help recreate a beloved computer game from 2007, it was called U.B. Funkeys. Despite the game still being popular and selling well Mattel closed it down in 2010, Nine years down the line me and a small group of people who fondly remember the game are trying to recreate it for modern audiences!

We currently have a majority of the characters known as Funkeys completed and we have the main hub shape completed but this is where we’ve hit a road block. We’re under staffed and spent most of our summer working on this.

So that’s why I’m here today, we need help! We really need modelers to come in and give us a lending hand even if it’s only temporary, right now we need help with the models for the many buildings in the main hub.

If interested please join our discord server and message Dancing Spinda#9224 any help will be greatly appreciated!

Discord Server:

an advice about the topology…its not needed to grid fill a surface like that one like in the second pic, because the surface its too flat like that, so it doesnt need that. if you are planing to add detail like terrain in that surface then you should, but then will be getting more poly count tho.