Recreating a Topographic map Texture

I am working on creating a map that I saw in a video that has a realistic shaded look with topographic lines. I will link it below. If anyone could point me in the direction of a tutorial or guide me in some way as to how they created this look. I have the relief data for the area Im trying to showcase and can get it looking fine animation wise but cant get the texture to look correct.

The look I am referencing is this one starting at minute 5:12 til about 5:42.

Im wondering if they generated the topographic lines in blender along with the shading or if they imported a UV image texture. I am fairly new to Blender and have a lot to learn but maps are always something I need to recreate so would love to know more about this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I would say they projected the map from above… so if you get the high lines map and the topologymap fromthe same source you just can play with heightmaps… you may also have a look at

Thank you bro. I have the GIS add on which is what im using for the height maps. Mostly looking for how they created the texturing on the mountain range. I found another tutorial for creating Topo lines but cant seem to get it to work with the extra shading they have on the example to make it look more realistic and stylized.

So if you have a height map maybe just :

that sort of works but i still need to get the shaded texture in there that makes it look like an actual map. Im able to get some data from the GIS add on but im not sure how to merge the 2