Recreating a web menu (Porsche) for a Game In Blender

HI all

I was going to make a menu for an “Interactive 3D” I’m working on. But before I go on making my own, I thought I should see what I can do.

I was inspired by the Porsche website actually it’s more like a full copy rather than inspiration. Instead of the cars you have Buildings.

The two renderings are my works with Archicad and the background is free wallpaper I got off the Internet a while back.

I simply used logic Bricks, which is hard to keep Track of, but the effect was nothing short of “perfect” for me.

I only did the First Button “Town House” as the rest is repetitive. This will open up two sub menus which you can follow to reveal some detail. Nothing is clickable; you just have to hover over it to let the content slip.

The Logic Bricks were a bit confusing. As I’m sure there is a better way to handle that; suggestions or comments?



Porsche menu.blend (958 KB)

I think the menu you did is awesome.