Recreating Diablo3 Logo


Currently i try to recreate a Diablo3-Logo

My problem: I have no idea how model this “ring” (arcanering, rune-ring dunno how it is called) which is behind the letters. I thought about curves… but im not sure. Maybe u have any good suggestions?


good old fashioned polygon modeling should work just fine, trace over it with a bunch of quads, then extrude them to give them some volume. it will be a pain but it can be done. im not sure if curves can create those pointy bits neatly, i know meshes can do that if you crease them right however.

I would say curves are they way to go here

Yep. Curves, with possibly a bevel object and the mirror modifier. Trace it out and done.

ok thank you, i try to model this now and after i ll post the .blend file.