Recreating earth (space theme)

Hello everyone! I’m Alex and pretty new to Blender but having a blast learning so many new things.

I decided to post this because I really like the way it came out and am open for some constructive criticism so I can Improve my Renders.

I created the space environment around the Earth using a node setup with a noise texture and a color ramp and scaled it up a lot.

For the Earth itself it’s a cube, (not a sphere :wink:), applied a bump map en a color map, all textures from NASA which I got from
BlenderGuru his tutorial.

I added the sun by adding a simple flare in Photoshop.

I might continue and make a animation out of this. But I would like to know what you guys think of it and what I can do better to improve my renders.


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Here is my earth in Blender Cycles. Also, I will show you what you can do without using layer weight atmospheres.


Also, the stars would not be visible due to the Earth and the Sun being brighter relative to this position.

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Thank you for pointing this out, I did not know this. Your earth looks beautiful. Love the way how big you made it look.

Hey, thanks for replying. I might be able to show you the node setup today but if I can’t expect it on the weekend. I’m very busy at the moment.

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Wow, great work, best I’ve seen so far! The atmosphere, the clouds and the dark brown land underneath look very realistic, reminding me of the view from the ISS.

I’d love to see the node setup.

Yeah definitely! No problems, I usually only got time in the weekends to play with Blender anyway.

Here it is

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Thanks, I’ll work on it some more this weekend and post the result here!