Recreating Interstellar's TARS. Feedback needed.

Render 1
Alright, so I’m trying to recreate TARS from Interstellar in Blender with cycles, make it move around a bit, then put it onto an IRL video. I’m going for as realistic as possible. As you can see in the video, I’m far from that.
Here’s a few problems I’ve already identified:

  • Edges are way too sharp. Need to add bevels. EDIT I added bevels, looks significantly better but still not great.
  • Shading doesn’t match the video, and at times it overlaps.
  • Materials just don’t look right. I need to experiment here. (Using BlenderGuru’s PBR Metal with Titanium preset)
  • No surface imperfections. If anyone can suggest good, preferably free ways to add in stuff like metal brush scrapes and roughness, would be much appreciated.
  • Animations are jagged and unnatural. I have no clue how to animate, but I’m learning.

I need help identifying problems with the scene, helping me solve those problems, and feedback in general.
Also, just for fun, I made a golden version of TARS. It looks pretty bad, especially the reflections. I’m using an HDRI I made of the same spot I’m filming at, and at the same time.

a quick search for “seamless brushed metal texture” returns some decent images of brushed metal. You could take one of those, run it through insanebump (gimp pugin or standalone) and then use it as a roughness input. you could also take something completely random like a rocky surface or moss/rock texture make it greyscale, blur it, and then use it with a color ramp as the factor to overlay a brushed metal or scraped up texture so that the imperfections arent constant across the model. alot of those kinds of images seem readily available on google while a true alpha masked metal imperfections texture wont be.

EDIT heres a quick and dirty example of what I mean.