Recreating iTunes Cover Flow

What would be the best way to create an animation that looks like iTunes’ Cover Flow? I’m trying to figure out how I could rig up some control system for easy animation. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right directions.



You need some planes to hold the images and a plane rotated to reflect the floor. apply appropriate materails as needed.

Here is link to how it was done in After Effects:

Rotate the big Empty above the planes around Z axis (the blue circle) and look in the window below.


coverflow.blend (149 KB)

this is awesome! Thanks! I’m going to enjoy learning from this example :smiley:

Ok, I put together a very quick Cover Flow test model. If you move the bone labeled “control” along the x axis you can flip through the “icons.” It’s not the best. I just thought I’d throw this concept test out for anyone to critique the progress so far.

(edit: and I already keyframed a simple animation. Go ahead and render it to see the full effect)


CoverFlowTest.blend (271 KB)

Looks good!
What aboout using it in the game engine for games or presentations?