Recreating Texture Material From Earlier Version in Blender 2.82 SOLVED ISSUE IN 2.79

Hi guys running into a little problem a friend of mine created a intro of the Superman credits in Blender 2.79 and I wanted to recreate the effect in Blender 2.82 from scratch, I have the text laid out and animating. The issue i’m having is recreating the texture for the text animation.

I’ve spoken to my friend who hasn’t been able to help solve the problem, since he still uses the older version won’t upgrade. I’ve tried follow as much as possible to follow and repeat it in the newer Blender, doing the Clouds and Blender material layers… which don’t seem to show up on the objects in the scene in the newer Blender. Images attached!

Originally he used a material called Lambert? which I’m struggling a little to recreate in Blender 2.82. Any help would be grateful! :slight_smile:

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I’ve never used BI, but I’m guessing Lambert is the same as Diffuse shader with roughness 0. As for texturing effects, I have no idea without access to 2.79 scene, but I don’t have time to do it myself, maybe others?

Here is the scene file… if you want to look CarlG or anyone else that can help me…

As @CarlG already said, this is a simple diffuse shader. You can simply take the basic BSDF and set the roughness to 1 (not 0). The old procedural textures are no longer available in EEVEE/CYCLES. You would have to experiment with subtracting two slightly different noise textures. However, the old procedures are still available for brushes in the Texture Properties tab. You would then have to render them and use them as image textures or even as brushes. Then you can use LuxCoreRender, which also still uses the old procedures. There is also an extra addon for 2.79 that converts Blender internally into cycles. You can then import this via append in 2.80. But this does not always work 100%.

Hey MarioPeper thanks yeah that’s the issue I’ve been having, the blend and cloud textures in the Texture Properties won’t appear on the object like in the old version. Ok so how would I render out those procedure textures to use as images?

Make an ortography camera setup, make a cloud brush and paint on the plane the texture you will render.

Ok thanks I’ll try that and see what happens :slight_smile:

I’ve gone through the steps as you have said and rendered out the cloud texture using standard plane with orthographic camera.

I’ve been trying to apply the image texture image result down below… but it’s definitely more complex thing to do than in Blender 2.79 which I was easily able to do… but obviously want it to work in the newer version.

Why the roughness 1? Diffuse and Principled produce Lambert shading with roughness 0. Diffuse turns into Oren-Nayar with roughness. Principled turns into DisneyDiffuse with roughness. Coupling specular roughness with diffuse roughness makes a bit more sense (not all agree) with Principled, whereas for Diffuse/Specular it must remain uncoupled. You don’t want to go into Oren-Nayar for no good reason.

Sorry I misspelled that I meant by basic BSDF the Principled BSDF shader not the Diffuse BSDF shader.

Yeah, it’s gonna be tough. It would be easier in LuxCoreRender because there are the same settings in the procedural textures as in the old Blender internal render.

Hey MarioPeper downloaded the LuxCoreRender only problem I’m having is it’s render is quite slow, still not getting the results I want. Something so easy to create in Blender 2.79 didn’t think would be so difficult in Blender 2.82.

In the original BI setup the material is set to shadeless, there is no diffuse, reflection or refraction component. A cycles equivalent would be some mix of transparent and emission.

As for matching the texture this might be of interest.

Note to self: Clean glasses before reading and answering posts.
You’re absolutely right. Me making it about a discussion about diffuse was just… aargggh :smiley:

Thanks for your help guys… Unfortunately still can’t get the effect I need quite right in Blender 2.82… so I installed Blender 2.79 on my system as well and tried to copy my friends settings from memory. This was the result I got in 2.79 so much easier with the texture properties… so for these credits I might just use 2.79 for the time being.

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