Recreating Zelda OOT in all its glory.

Yep the title was correct. I have plans to recreate the entire game in blender.

I have part of Kokiri Forest finished but I still have a lot to do. I wanted to go for more of a realistic(ish) approach for it.

Left to do for Kokiri Forest:
I need to finish the waterfall. Its just a static texture right now.
I need to finish all the characters in Kokiri Forest as all I have are Link and Sarah.
I need to animate all the characters in Kokiri Forest.
I need to create the bush like effects used in the original Kokiri Forest.
I need to add some particle effects for the Navi’s and for the Forest effects.
I need to add some grass effects instead of just one texture.

It should be noted that the first picture was rendered this morning with some changes to the sky and lighting while the last two pictures were rendered last night hence some slight changes in lighting.

That said here is some snaps of what I have done so far: