Recreation of "Persistance of Memory"


I want to share my second finished project.

Went to the Dali museum in Brugge last year and got inspired to recreate a piece. I was excited to learn how to do soft body simulations to make the melting clocks and it was great fun.

I used fspy to align the camera with the original Dali painting reference and worked through all objects. The clocks and “nose guy” were first modeled and then shaped around the tree, cube and hill with soft body simulation.
When doing the lighting I noticed a strange thing about Dali’s painting. I suppose the main light source should be the sun in the background. But the shadows of the tree or clocks point at a light on the right side of the painting. In the end I just added one disk-shaped light there to make it similar to the painting but I don’t get it. Maybe an expert on Dali’s artwork can explain :wink:

To reduce rendering time and noise I split the background with sky and water and the beach foreground into separate two layers and combined them with alpha-over. I adjusted the lights of both layers so they look less “slapped” on top of each other. Otherwise there is no further composing done.

Recreating an art piece was fun, because I spend a lot of time looking at the Dali painting and I feel I appreciate it more now than looking at it back then in the museum. Anyhow I recommend Brugge and the Dali museum. Thanks for having a look at my computer generated “Persistence of Memory”.


I think everything looks nice, but the sun looks squashed.

In the previous render the exposure was to low. I adjusted the exposure values to make it a bit more balanced:

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thanks for your like and feedback! I intended to make a sunset where the whole sky would be orange-reddish. So the stretched out orange blob is the atmosphere and clouds lighted up by a sunset or dawn. I looked at sunset references from google to make that sunset scene roughly right, but I see you point

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