Recruiting 3D modelers, riggers & Animators, concept artists


My name is Jack, I am putting together a small team to develop a unique Zombie Survival game for PC. The project it’s self is a fair size, but I plan to release portions of it as we progress. Starting with Alpha stage, beta stage and so on depending on our success. My role in the team is to recruit, achieve business opportunities, clear up any doubts or ideas that team members may have, ensure that the game is being developed the way it was planned to be, give or take new ideas and inspirations and generally supervise the project.

This projects first goal is to reach a demo stage, including 1 town, a playable character, usable Ui (doesn’t have to be finished), and other assets that the playable character can interact with, eg. Enemies and loot.

Once the project has reached Demo stage, we will launch a Kickstarter Campaign, to help fund further progress, possibly including a reasonable salary for all collaborators.

The next step of this Project will be to reach Alpha stage, and release it for testing on Steam Early Access or to our Kickstarter backers first.

The Game
In our project, we’re focusing on making the zombies the main threat rather than the players, we want our players decisions to affect their game play and bring consequences and opportunities. It will be an online game with both PVP and PVE servers. It will also include many new customization features rarely seen in this genre as we progress more, as well as new building mechanics, jobs, controls etc.

It is set in an eroded and abandoned world. Wild life has taken over as there aren’t enough humans around to leave a mark. The humans that are left, are determined to restore what once was, and make their own mark in their new world. Rebuilding, making new laws, restoring power and water, recreating civilization.

[B]Available Roles:

3D Modelers: You must be able to create and texture 3d models of buildings, zombies, playable characters, vehicles, animals, foliage etc.

Slots available: 2 - 4

Animators: You have to know how to take a model made by somebody else, or made by you, and create the animations needed without difficulty.

Slots Available: 2

Terrain Designer: You must be able to work with a provided height map and adjust it to real world sizes, and smooth out the rough edges. You also must be good with painting textures on the terrain and placing assets.

The provided height map may require chopping into grids and stitching for game load optimization.

Slots Available: 1 - 2


  • We need a programmer who can do networking, create servers and maintain them.

Slots Available: 1

Concept Artists: You must be able to create art that our team members can refer to when needed, or even to make art that can be used as a showcase for our project. You may also be required to make the visuals for our GUI.

Slots Available: 2

Payment is not an option at the moment, but all collaborators will either earn a share of the profit once the game is sold, salary once Kickstarter goal is achieved, or if you are not interested in payment, all collaborators are of course free to use their work in their portfolio.

Work Hours:
As this is a collaboration I understand that at times it may be difficult to dedicate hours, but I would appreciate it if all members did treat this like a job or part time job, show dedication, seriousness and professionalism.


  • You must be positive and open minded.

  • Instead of seeing problems, you must see solutions or opportunities.

  • Negative attitude will not be tolerated, neither will misunderstanding discussions as arguments or converting discussions into arguments.

Upon Joining the team:
You will be given a Game Design Document of this project before agreeing to join. It is highly recommended to read it so that you understand what our project will eventually contain. Once agreed to join you will be offered a contract made by myself which will be a place holder until one is made by a Lawyer. Please understand that contracts made by lawyers are expensive, and as we are collaborating there isn’t much need for them as you are all entitled to keep your work.

Looking forward to working with you!

Kind Regards,

Contact: [B][email protected]</b>

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I am currently building my portfolio, and this is something I wouldn’t mind putting on it… I can do buildings and hard surface, and perhaps zombies… But mostly just in the modelling field…
I mostly do realistic renders, but Low Poly is actually much easier… I wouldn’t have any issues with it at all. Here’s my portfolio (Yes, it weebly now, but I’m getting my own domain in a couple weeks when it’s finished)

As far as time is concerned… I should be able to dedicate 5 hours a week, on average. It may not seem like much, but low poly buildings are easy to make… So is anything low poly…


I love your work and would love to have you on my team. It looks like you would be able to make some great buildings for us and with the style I am looking for. I don’t want our models to have a high poly count but it still needs to look realistic and not cartoon like. As for time that you can dedicate, 5 hours a week, is fine as this is collaborating, but I would definitely want to see some progress every week, but you look like you’re capable of that. Let me know if you want to move ahead and join the team, and then i’ll add you on skype and you can also email me if you prefer.

Kind Regards,

Yeah, sounds good. And I am a relatively fast worker… The motorcycle I showed in my portfolio was 4 days of work, the gas station was 2 weeks… etc.
Also, if I do work for you, in turn, would it be too much to ask you to leave a review (after I’ve done the jobs) on my portfolio? I’m trying to build my name up, and it’s proving quite difficult… :stuck_out_tongue:
So yeah, my Skype is @tower-cg and my email is [email protected]
Also note, I’ll only be available until summer break, from 5 PM to 10 PM EST to discuss the project.


You can also contact me through any of the links listed below in my signature…

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