Recruiting a team to create Hybrid RTS/RPG


I have had a vision for a game I want to create for a long time. I have taken the first steps into creating it and have found myself very overwhelmed, however I know my idea will be great and one of a kind and I don’t want to waste it. I have experience with visual scripting, modelling, graphic art, storywriting, project management, and workflow. I will be working with my team to incorporate my vision with everyone elses ideas and create an excellent game!

What I need:
Programmers, Modelers, Artists, Story Writers, and will eventually need voice actors

I want to create a game to be sold commercially, using self-created assets and free materials. I don’t plan on becoming the next Bungie studios or Blizzard entertainment… Just a small group of friends who share the passion of gaming.

What I want to create:
I have an (open) idea for a hybrid RTS/RPG game similar to Warcraft III. The game will be sort of a kingdom simulator with a non-linear storyline that will allow a custom experience for each player. It will feature a cartoon-style of graphics, and as many of the features below as possible

Features I want to include:
This list is in no particular order and will contain semi-permanent ideas.

  • Character Creation
    You will create your own character that is an heir to the recently deceased king. The character will be able to take over the kingdom, or be a figurehead and be an adventurer. There will be certain decisive battles and storyline events, but each action will have a consequence. There will be pros and cons to each decision that is made that will help or hinder your progress of total conquest.
  • Alignment
    Characters will be able to choose a path of good and evil, each having perks and disadvantages associated with them. The morale of your kingdom will be affected, determining the effectiveness of certain troops.
  • Strategic Views
    I have played with this idea a little bit and I’m not totally sure how I want to do it. Basically you can change focus to your army as a whole or your individual hero
  • Kingdom Creation
    You start with a non-permanent template. Buildings can be added (built), or destroyed by invasion. Create walls, towers, houses, barracks, and all your creations will be explorable and walkable in your hero view.
  • Resource Gathering
    Do your own gathering or hire workers or teams to do the gathering for you. All resources will be transported to a warehouse and be used for kingdom buildings, unit upgrades, new research, etc.
  • Questing
    Tired of watching over the kingdom? Go out and quest for materials, equipment, and more territory. If you aren’t particularly fond of questing you can create raiding parties to do the quests for you, with calculated success rates based on many variables
  • Ranks/Levelling
    Your character, as well as heroes beneath you will all be able to level from battles and quests, and basic units will rank and become stronger. I’ve thought of allowing you to promote certain units, changing them to a better unit type.
  • Spoils
    Imagine raiding a small town for its resources. Choose to burn the village or leave with the goods you came for. Take prisoners, workers, and militia to use as your own. Store your prisoners in your dungeon and convert them to different unit types to use.
  • Romance
    This one is just another idea. You could find a spouse to help run the kingdom in your absence. Perhaps an affection rating similar to fable that all hero units would have to allow marriage, families, etc.

I will add more as the ideas are presented, but this is all that comes to mind now.

I don’t want to be too specific on the storyline here just yet, but know it will be revealed eventually.

Things to know prior to entering:
Basically I just want to be up front with anyone interested. I have an open mind, however I don’t want to become too deviated from my original idea. I need creativity from outside minds, so I am open to listen and we can all make the final decisions together. When we do finish this project, I want to split the profits between all of us evenly. I have another full-time job so I do not expect anyone on our team to make this a full time job. I want to keep the team as efficient as possible; specifically, I want us all to be on the same pace. If we are conflicting, then I am open to adding and subtracting members to the team as necessary. If this hasn’t scared you all away… Let’s continue.

My background:
A little bit about myself, relevant to the project. Condensed version below, starting with red text.

I first got into design with the Warcraft series, starting with Warcraft 2. If you are not familiar, it is just a RTS game that had a restrictive open editor. You could create scenarios with the built-in assets but nothing fancy at all. Then I picked up Warcraft III, which allowed you to do a lot more. You could bring a lot of external assets that functioned well (or not so well) with the game, and that’s where I got inspired. I created my own campaign, several custom-games, and my friends kept me on my feet and always had me creating new things to play. The game had several unofficial communities with resources and tutorials and basically anything you needed to create your dream.

I had around 11 years of work combined between projects and all was lost due to a tragic hard drive failure. My motivation crushed, and all that I had worked on lost, I gave up map editing. I stuck around for a while to teach others who had trouble but there wasn’t much hope for a lot of the self-taught mapmakers out there.

Starcraft 2 arose, and with that a lot of people lost interest in Warcraft 3. I worked on a few projects but I like the medieval theme so I had a hard time getting interested in learning the editor for that game. I decided to broaden and create something on my own. I had a little experience in modeling, texturing, storywriting, and event-based triggering, so I dove in head first. I found a bunch of free products, double-checked my licenses, and got started.

So far I have a small collection of programs, half of a loading screen, and a lot of confusion, so I’m asking for help. I know I can do it on my own but I don’t want my project to be out-of-date when I finish.

Basically: I started on War3, worked on projects for about 10 years, lost them all due to a tragic crash, wasn’t interested in SC2, and want to create my own game. It’s taking me too long to learn every aspect so I want to form a team. Are you with me?

Interested parties:
You will need to be responsible for your licenses of programs and assets you use because mine are all commercially free. Know this game will be created with the intention to sell, so no student versions of 3ds, or pirated photoshops.

Know you will be working with me at-will on both ends. If you want to drop or you are asked to leave, I would expect you to allow us the use of our creations, and I would expect you to keep the project private.

We all have to tolerate each other and accept each other. Come in with an open mind, and expect to dedicate a little bit of time each day or week toward the project. Be within reach so we can all contact each other and figure things out when we need to.

Being able to speak English is necessary because that is how I will be able to communicate with you.

If you’re interested in joining, email me at atxmatt2510(at)hotmail(dot)com with the subject “Legacy Recruitment”
I can answer all questions and address all concerns upon contact. Thank you and have a nice day!

what game engine do you plan to utilize?

We will be using Unity Indie and a variety of free tools, including Blender.

I love the idea, however I have virtually no experience with Unity or programming, I pride myself in compositing and final renders which is virtually obsolete in this case.
I can model well, hard-surface, low-poly, architecture.
I can also rig to some degree.
Suggesting ideas for the story would be nice, I have a good mic for voice recording.

Please send me an email. We are still accepting applications, however we will not make any decisions at this immediate moment. I would like to address any concerns you have formally, and email would be the best means for me to do that.