Recruiting for animation team!

Hello folks and welcome to my thread.

I came up with the idea of starting a new team focusing on creating short length animations straight for youtube.Truth is that creating animations alone is often a little bit difficult and it takes a lot of time!A team can speed up the progress and get even better results.So what do you like,what are u good at?Animation,modelling,texturing,compositing,concept art,composing,all of them?Everything is a must for a great result.You don’t have to be an expert blender user but not a begginer either, people with more than 6-8 months experience with blender and some kind of “portofolio” to show will be accepted!Mainly what you need is will and enthusiasm to learn and keep growing!You will be working as volunteer,but if we achieve any profits later on they will be shared!I also gave the team a funny name which is difficult for the viewer to forget, WingedEgg :wink:

So if you like the idea send me a message and let’s get started !
Thanks a lot,

Hey i would like to join do you have a team together yet?

I’d like to see what comes of this :smiley: Pmed you!

Cookiegator, I’m not new to blender, but I would not say that I am very good. I’ve been playing with blender for a bit over a year and am interested in making my own web series. This sounds like an opportunity for me to get more familar with Blender and working in a team environment. I’m interested, but would like to hear more. I am a writer at heart, but I want to learn the whole process. I don’t have a porfolio, but you can check out a test animation I did.