Recruiting people to help on multiple gaming projects in the works

Hello, I am looking for people who love video games and think a lot of games nowadays are lacking in quality and the companies just want to make money and do not care about how the gamer feels. I am currently working with 2 others to create 3 video games(once I get full team we will vote which one we want to make first). I have copyrighted all 3 titles already and have started working with my team on each title, but with my current team with current skill levels, it would take 8 years to finish the first game.

Gamma is a third person rpg/shooter that takes place on a future Earth destroyed by a nearby sun going supernova and flooding the earth with gamma radiation. Humans have survived by building stasis pods underground and waiting for the Earth to become livable again, but the computer that was suppose to wake them up was damaged and now 100 years after they were originally suppose to awaken they finally start waking up 1 by 1 only to find their world taken over by aliens. although the game is free roam style, the game’s storyline will severely change depending on which difficulty you choose. for example, on easy you start in your stasis pod being awakened by your friends, while on the hardest difficulty you awaken strapped to a table with 30 seconds to figure out how to escape before you are cut open by alien scientists. There will be co-op mode where each player has their own custom character each with unique abilities. There is also multiplayer where each battle travels across the past, present, and future all on a single map where if something is destroyed in the past it shows in the present and future. You can customize every little detail about your character and weaponry. The maps are also 80% destructible environments.

Infinite Reality is a MMORPG where there are 5 sides each lead by different gods and beliefs and each side has plenty of sub-gods to pick to believe in for boosts to your character, for example the god of greed gives you an item and gold droprate bonus. Each player starts off by owning a small 1 room shack but can upgrade it to own your own town where you can hire npcs to run shops, farm, mine, protect the town, etc. By joining a guild your town becomes part of that guild nation and you unlock special town types like a town that is underwater, or a town in trees, etc. that each increase your towns defense and you will be able to send traders to and from any other guild town to sell what you don’t need and buy what you do from your fellow guild members. Also npc towns can be taken over by mobs or other sides except for the capital to each side. In this game there are over 200 job classes and over 100 races to choose from each with their own starting stats, skills, and bonuses.

True Horror is a MMO Survival Horror game that is as close to being in a real zombie apocalypse as possible. You choose your age, sex, weight, height, occupation, and hobby, that will then create your base character which u can customize the looks for. Working on creating the entire united states as the playing field and based on your ip adress you will start near to where you actually live in real life. Almost everything can be used as a weapon or barricade. depending on what you choose for height and weight will determine your ability to carry or move heavy items, or choose where you can fit through a hole or not. Your occupation and hobby will decide your base skills, knowledge, and starting weapons and location.

As of right now can not pay anyone, but if we finish the first game we should be making money off of it, although I want people who care more about making an amazing game than people who just care about the money they can make. Does anyone want to try and make games that break the mold game companies use in today’s games? you can contact me in the forum or email me at [email protected]

Will your gamma game have vehicles you can get in and out of and drive.I would like to help with models for it.I am a halo fan.

I have in fact been making video games for 15 years, I first started out making text based adventures, then started making 2d single player rpgs and adventure games. I have been making 3d models for 10 years and have been animating for 8 years. I have also made minigames using a multitude of software like realmcrafter, rpg maker, ig maker, fps creator, and blender. I did not just start making video games. The reason that was my first post is because this is the first time I have been on this forum looking for people to recruit to help with my game ideas, because although I am quite capable of making games with my current team members, the games would be better quality and have more of the features included with more team members.

Yes the game will have multiple types of vehicles both human and alien and will be partly customizable. give me your email so I can contact you once some more members have been recruited. We will hopefully have enough members by the end of April to get everything together.

Oh, nice history - shame you didn’t put it in the first post - I wasted about 10 minutes. :no:
Do you have a website, or any links to your past projects (usually gets interest). I’d love to see some of your work. Good luck with it, how many are currently in your team?

Why cant you send me a private message on the forum.I have plenty of time i will see it.
I have a timer and steering actuator ai.I have blend of it too.It is a combination of script and logic bricks.I got the script off this forum.

I will be posting some pics over the next few weeks of past projects, and stuff that has been designed for these 3 games. No website yet as I wanted to get a full team together before I created a website(learned that from a past mistake of creating a website too early). right now there is me(writer, 3d modeler, animator, music, sound effects, world builder, etc.), a friend of mine who is in college right now(I have already graduated college) for game design who is a 3d modeler, animator, and texture maker, and finally another friend who is in college for programming who is the main programmer. Also 3d solar system builder has shown interest in joining my team for the game Gamma.

Besides all the storylines for each game being almost done, I have also been writing expansion packs, dlc, and sequels to all 3 games.

Could one of the weapons of the aliens be a weapons that compresses your character and decompresses your character.Another weapons could be a gun that fries your neurons leaving everything else in your character intact.

weapons are 100% customizable in Gamma. you can customize the firing pin, barrel, clip, hammer, sights, energy storage, trigger, guard, slide, attachments, ammunition, etc. to create a truly custom gun to fit your character and play style. there are hundreds of each part, each with their own stats and abilities that will change the overall weapons stats and abilities to create a unique weapon.

Will you be able pickup enemy weapons and fire them?

in single player and co-op modes yes, in multiplayer mode your char will pick the gun up but the parts of the gun u don’t own or haven’t unlocked yet will be sent to your gun customization menu instead of being able to pick it up and fire it right there.

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so far the team is me, my 2 original members, 3d solar, kalin, and my second in command recruited a texture maker, a concept artist, and 2 3d modelers

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Just stick to the one best title asap and focus on this.
The more time spend on this title the more likely it will be realized.

What I understand from your post is that you intent to focus on what gamers want.
I do not know if you are also focussing on mod-ability and or want the game to be open in source?
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What type of resources are you using to get ideas for the game?You can use CG textures for textures but first read the license and see if it fits your purposes.Could you draw me a few pictures to start 3d modeling like buildings or plants and post them on the blender forum?

the website will be up soon and I will post the website link once it is up. We are making Gamma open source and the alpha and beta version of True horror will be open source since it isn’t going to be full mmo till full release. The alpha and beta releases will be smaller in lvl size too where you can make your own server where you choose 1 of the city options for the map. There will be Las Vegas, Richmond, D.C., Los Angeles, and some other big cities and some small towns to choose from including a town that doesn’t exist in the real world. When you pick what town to have your server in you will be able to enter every building without any loadscreens for the entire town and you will be able to explore surrounding areas of the town too.

for True horror we are modeling buildings from photos and blueprints of buildings from actual places. I will post concept art on the website so you’ll have stuff to go off of 3d solar.

How long is it going to take to get your websight up?

I see someone has already pointed you at my thread.

You obviously missed some points:

Only present your game when you have something to show for it. People are much more likely to join a game that shows some actual progress already than to join one that is starting from zero. %99 of games that start with “I have the best idea ever” die within a week, where-as projects that start with “For the past 2 months I have been working on ### idea, and here’s how far I have got” are far more likely to get team members and also more likely to be finished

Here you have presented many ideas for games, but have shown no indication that any work has, or ever will be done on them.
Out here in the real world we have far to many ideas, and not enough time to do them all, so generally it’s up to you to get things done. You have to inspire other people to work for you, reading a page of pure text is not going to do that. I read the first paragraph, then jumped down to see what screenshots you’ve made of the project. I then had to go and read all the text, people don’t like reading, they want eye candy.
It doesn’t matter what you show really, screenshots of past projects to show how committed you are, that you can get the project completed are fine. You just have to show your commitment

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