Recruiting Team Members Now

I’m going to begin work on a new game and I need to get a team together to help me with it. Here’s the idea for the game:

You are in a vehicle with a driver’s seat in the front and a turret in the back. In single player mode, an AI controls whichever position you don’t want, and you can swap places at anytime during the game. In Co-op mode, both positions are occupied by players, and they have to decide together when to swap places. The turret can have its weapon switched, to a rocket launcher for example, but it is the job of the driver to drive close enough to a weapon on the ground so that it is picked up. The entire game is played on the vehicle.

There are various enemies throughout the linear portion of each level, along with traps and jumps and such, but the main focus is on the boss battles at the end of each level, which take place in a large arena type room. These bosses will have weaknesses and certain ways to draw out these weaknesses. As you complete each level, the bosses get progressively harder and bigger.

As I said, the levels will be linear, with boss battles at the end (and possibly minibosses along the way). These levels can range from through firey tunnels, to climbing up snow-capped mountains. The main emphasis of the level must be to keep the driver entertained, as the enemies will take care of the gunner.

So anyways, you guys get the idea. There’s a lot of room for additions and changes from others, so give me your feedback. For the team I’m going to need a programmer (or one that specializes in AI and one that’s good at driving/guns)
, a skilled modeller, an artist, for textures and such, a good story writer, as this has no story to it yet, and a musician for some music to give it some action and ambiance. As for me, I’m going to help a bit with everything. I’m going to set up a private wiki to keep all our files.

Please reply to me either on this thread, or PM me, if you are interested.



reminds me of an old game called Recoil,

you might want to pick up a copy, and check it out.

they where in the early days of 3d games, andd they kept their maps really low poly. It would be a great example of what to shoot for with your game.

the way it worked was the player controlled the turrett with the mouse, and the tank with the keys.

Here we go again…

Dude. 2 posts and you already want to lead a team to create a HUGE game!

I think it would be good to say what YOUR going to do… besides sit on a chair and bark orders.

Do you have anything done besides the idea? Models? Sketches? Concepts? a map!?

Anything!?!?!?!? Tell you what. Why don’t you model all the characters, vehicles, and levels. I bet after you do all that modeling and texturing someone would jump to help you! Right now, your asking but not showing what you have given or can do yourself.

i agree with enriqolnius… i dont think you should be askng for a team with 2 posts…i hate it when people do that… try doing somthing yourself first, (thats what all my ships are for, i wanna make a game) and after you have done a resinoble amount, maybe think about a team, not now though :frowning: sorry :frowning:

Just because I don’t post on BlenderArtists that often doesn’t mean I don’t know how to use Blender. I’ve been using it for over three years now. And Enriqolonius, if I make all the models, vehicles and levels, and texture them, there wouldn’t be much need for a team, eh? All I’m looking for are people who would like to work on a project. I’m not just going to be barking orders either, I mostly do modelling and programming, so those’ll be the areas that I’m going to work on most. I’m about halfway through a rough model of the vehicle.

3 years! WOW! you should have tons of stuff to show us then. I am waiting…

dude… I use Blender for like 3,5 years now…

haha :spin: wow, what a cool smiley

Sorry, if we come off rude to people who just ask for a team for group projects, but it’s just that many have seen a lot of threads like this. You should know this since you’ve been here for awhile. Enriqolonius does have a point.

Please read this before going any further

That should ward off anybody asking you about your credentials.

Jason Lin

People wonder why there are not many blender games around.

All the developers are too busy bashing new people ,rather than making games.

@Doughboy, Try asking in the modeling threads, you are more likely to find people to help you. Here in the game development forums, all you will get is a bunch of people telling you how to talk, how to post, and how to start a team.

You’re missing the point. You are not asking others to accept models or artwork from you, you are asking others to enter into a long term work relationship where you will be nominally in charge.

Because you don’t post on BlenderArtists, till now, means people here don’t have any idea of how you behave in a long term relationship. Do you accept constructive criticism or do you get all pissy and defensive?

We know people here who do both. Some we would work with, the others are scorned and harrassed. But we haven’t seen you in action. So we don’t know. What we do know is that things that start the way you’ve started this project generally turn out badly. Forgive us if we don’t see any particular reason why this project should be any different.

So, post renders and wires of that half finished vehicle over in work in progress. Get some feedback. Respond to it. That will tell us, and you, whether you have what it takes to lead a game like you’ve proposed to completion. This isn’t a hiring hall, buddy, it’s an art studio. Hang around, make some friends. You’ll wind up with a team if you deserve to have one.

the concept sounds interesting- unfortunately I don’t have the time, and as I’m sure you’ve heard enough from those previously, the project is likely to be very hit-or-miss. so, I wish you good luck, and suggest you sow your dedication to the project if you want other people to be similarly dedicated. a major job of a leader is to keep his team inspired.

Here’s some renders of the car model. It’s very rough at the moment, I’ve obviously go a ways to go. I also rendered a scene of what the player would be seeing as he plays. Again, this is a very low detail concept render.

Feedback please!

Why are you using copyrighted material? Those are Arcane Guardian’s from World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing the game for 3 years now, so I picked it up right away. I hope that car model isn’t copyrighted.

The Arcane Golem’s are the only models that I had on hand that I could use in the render. Obviously they aren’t going to be in the game. I’m flattered that you think that the car model is professional quality.

Ahaha, um, “copyrighted” and “professional quality” are not even in the same ballpark. It’s like saying everyone who drinks is an alcoholic. I’m usually pretty easy on kids with their aspiring game projects who want to assemble a team and do something for the better good, but when you cross the line of using copyrighted material, I tend to get itchy fingers and post my 2 cents. :evilgrin:

But other then that, good to see they are just being used for conceptual viewing. Good luck with the project, looking forward to playing it someday.

I am not bashing. I am “teaching” with tough love. We are apart of a community here that is largely self governing. Yes the mods and admins do a GREAT job, however it is OUR community, that community is the one we all give and take from. GIVE and TAKE. I am not mean, I love to help people. I have been around well before the game engine was even born. So I know a thing or two when it comes to these kinds of posts. I know what needs to be shown for people to take this serious. All I want is something different here, however I did not see anything to peak my interest except stolen model designs, that my friend BrianH pointed out. He is someone who HAS contributed here for a long time. Also someone I KNOW to be a good guy. BrianH, I would work with, if he asked. YOU, I don’t know. YOU have not GIVEN. All new people who read this take note, Don’t ask until you have given, even just a little. 2 posts… hmm.

Is Doughboy an alias of another username? I remember you now. You worked with a friend of mine, Corey Rice (aka Tomorrowman), back when we designed BHP Racing. But you must have contacted him through MSN because you only made 1 post in the forums back then. Just curious.

Yeah, I helped out a bit for BHP racing, but schoolwork slowly drew me away from it. I was designing a track and helping with the AI system.

I nearly finished the model of the car. The materials are only temporary, I need to make some good textures for it. I also got the programming started. The turret now follows a crosshair, and the barrels rotate when firing. The gunner view is 3rd person, but controlled with a mouse, so it was a little harder to program. I’m also having some trouble getting a ray-sense bullet system functioning. Any advice into the subject would be very helpful. I’ll start the driving controls in the meantime.

Could you show a screenshot of the model rendered through the GE? You’re rendering the car model using the raytracer, which won’t even be what it’ll look like in-game unless you bake the textures. But even then, it’ll still look quite a bit different.

Whats the poly count on your car model? It looks like you have a ton of polys for your turret, which seems redundant considering you could have the same effect with a much lower poly count. The suspension system alone looks like it has 32 polys per bar (8 polys for length + (8 polys per cap x 2)), which if you used simple cubes you could easily be using over 80% less polygons, since cubes only use 6 polys total. When developing models for game design, you need to constrain yourself to a much lower polygon limit per model. You’ll come to realize that the detail and quality of your game models will really shine in the texturing. Thats not to say you can be lazy about model design, because you want to ensure your game models allow for proper deformations if being animated. And you also want to focus on how your quads are rendering in the game engine at certain angles.

Another trick to producing a high poly appearing mesh is culling backfaces from your model. If there are portions of your model that will never be seen by the camera in the game, you can easily delete them and it will never be noticed. For example, you remove the caps from the suspension bars that extrude into other parts of your mesh. This will greatly lower your poly count, and yet still retain a high poly appearance to your mesh.